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– Professional corporate law services since 1978

We have currently nine legal experts working on matters related to real estate and construction. Our core areas of expertise include:

  • real estate transactions and lease of business premises
  • land use and zoning
  • real estate development
  • environmental law
  • construction agreements and liabilities
  • dispute resolution
  • corporate law
  • employment law

Our services are being used by domestic and foreign companies of all sizes. In addition to our real estate and construction law expertise we serve our clientele in various other sectors of corporate law.

The attorneys-at-law of our office are members of The Finnish Bar Association. As attorneys-at-law we are obliged to obey the law and the rules of good advocacy practice. For more about the rules concerning members of the Finnish Bar Association, go to


Our office serves comprehensively in situations calling for expertise in property law and in the various stages of the life cycle of properties. Our expertise extends from land use agreements, urban planning and the formation of a property to the planning agreements for construction projects and contract practices in the implementation phase of projects.

Our core areas of expertise include:

Our expertise covers also issues related to soil contamination, lease of completed business premises and legal advice on the conversion of intended use of historical buildings.

Our team has vast experience in the real estate market. Our personnel have comprehensive knowledge of the procedures and practices, operators and interest groups of the core areas of our expertise. This ensures that we know the challenges facing our clientele’s operating environment and business operations, making it possible for us to provide their business operations with more extensive and flexible support.

For each assignment we chart the client’s individual needs and plan functional solutions and options. We carry out the requisite and most appropriate measures swiftly, reliably and cost-effectively.

We aim to supply the best possible service and expertise.



Antti Laaksonen
Tel. +358 9 2522 2245
Mob. +358 40 830 8083

Jukka Leino
Tel. +358 9 2522 2240
Mob. +358 400 616 838

Panu Penttilä
Tel. +358 9 2522 2246
Mob. +358 50 546 2956

Sakari Lähteenmäki
Tel. +358 9 2522 2239
Mob. +358 50 514 3656

Attorneys at Law & Lawyers

Matias Forss
Tel. +358 9 2522 2234
Mob. +358 50 358 7010

Josetta Saari
Tel. +358 9 2522 2235
Mob. +358 40 740 7061

Tuuli Järvelä
Tel. +358 9 2522 2230
Mob. +358 400 603 125

Other Personnel

Eemil Viskari
Law student
Tel. +358 9 2522 2200

Nina Mörsky
Tel. +358 9 2522 2242

Osiiris Kontio
Bachelor of Laws
Tel. +358 9 2522 2200

Nuutti Kortelainen
Law student
Tel. +358 9 2522 2200