We assist our Finnish and foreign clients in deals relating to business premises and investment properties, ranging from individual properties to more extensive portfolios. We draw up the deeds and other documents required in a project and its financing and supervise the client’s interests in negotiations with all the parties involved in the transaction.

We conduct legal due diligence (LDD) i.e., familiarisation with the legal elements of the purchase, tailored to the needs of the client.

In sale assigments we assist the seller in gathering and examining information and documents on the sale to support the seller’s own decision-making. We also co-ordinate the delivery of information for the buyer’s due diligence process.

By order of the seller, we draw up a separate vendor’s legal due diligence report of aspects fundamental to the property and its sale.

Our service also includes extensive know-how of business premise leasing such as:

  • compiling individual lease agreements and their interpretation
  • consultation and development relating to the client’s leasing practices and terms
  • drafting lease agreements as part of a broader transaction, such as sale and lease back objects and investment-based lease agreements
  • disputes and legal proceedings relating to lease agreements

Our clientele in leasing-related assignments include both investors and other companies engaged in renting of premises and companies renting premises for their own use.

Our contact persons:
Jukka Leino, Antti LaaksonenPanu Penttilä and Sakari Lähteenmäki


We continuously assist real estate owners and developers in issues relating to real estate formation, land use and planning, such as the planning process and deviation permits.

We have extensive and in-depth knowledge as advisors of the private and public sector in significant real estate development projects requiring legal expertise in 3D land use and their contractual issues.

Our lawyers have for a number of years familiarised with environmental matters that may arise in real estate transactions and environmental permit processes.

Our contact persons:
Jukka Leino, Antti Laaksonen, Panu Penttilä and Sakari Lähteenmäki

Kuva: Minna Alantie


We permanently act as legal advisors to different domestic and foreign parties in building projects’ design, bidding and realisation phases. If necessary, we have the capacity to assist in resolving disputes that may have arisen in the endeavour and for example in financial final reports.

In addition to traditional realisation models and contract forms we have substantial practical experience in modern models of contracting such as project management contracting, joint building ventures and alliance agreements.

Our experienced specialists are well connected within the field and its players. The in-depth knowledge of the market and hands-on approach are essential in helping our clients finding the best solutions to their diversified situations.

Our contact persons in construction agreements and dispute resolution:
Jukka Leino, and Antti Laaksonen


Even well-worded agreements can lead to disagreements. In addition, expert help may be needed in talks and negotiations, complaints and in documentation evaluation even before a disagreement culminates in a dispute. Professional preparation helps in finding a settlement and strengthens the client’s position in case a legal solution is required.

For the client it is critical to have disagreements resolved effectively. As legal specialists it is our task to identify the objective and to assess what is the most appropriate way in achieving it. Our lawyers possess broad experience in handling disputes in general courts, in Finnish and foreign arbitration proceedings, as well as in various conciliation processes.

We have special expertise in the following processes:

  • the Dispute Adjudication process (conciliation)
  • ad hoc arbitration proceedings
  • ICC and other institutional arbitration proceedings
  • litigation in general courts
  • administration processes in key areas of competence
  • judicial mediation

Our experienced personnel also serve, if necessary, as arbitrators in disagreements relating to our core areas of competence.

Our contact persons:
Antti Laaksonen and Jukka Leino


Corporate law issues and arrangements often relate to different transactions in our client assignments, but equally well they may need to be performed within the framework of normal routine business activity.

In accordance with the prerequisites set by law and supporting the client’s business activity, we help to plan and implement:

  • company foundations and dissolutions
  • mergers and acquisitions and demergers
  • changes to corporate form
  • other amendments to articles of association
  • expansion of capital stock, capital loans and other financial arrangements
  • shareholders’ agreements and capital loan arrangements
  • option and partnership programs for executive management and personnel

We advise and assist in needs relating to companies’ decision-making and documentation of decisions. Where necessary, our lawyers assist with procedures and arranging meetings, as well as with drawing up minutes. Additionally, in the longer term we can represent our client’s interests in shareholders’ meetings and as a member of the board of directors.

Our lawyers are also experienced in dealing with issues of company management liability and other liability issues under corporate law, and in managing legal proceedings, arbitration proceedings and other disputes relating to corporate law.

Our contact persons:
Jukka Leino, Antti Laaksonen, Panu Penttilä and Sakari Lähteenmäki


We consult and assist companies and other operators in various projects regarding environmental effects and utilising natural resources by helping prepare for environmental, water and extraction permits.

We have advised various real estate development projects involving liability issues for contaminated soil , environmental damages and other emissions to the neighbourhood.

Our contact persons:
Matias Forss, Antti Laaksonen and Panu Penttilä